Pittsburgh Standing Seam

Pittsburgh standing seam roofing is a high-quality and long lasting roof solution for both residential and commercial structures. For many companies and residential homes in the Pittsburgh area, shingles have dominated the market in the roofing industry. While shingles are affordable and fit the immediate needs of most people, they require frequent inspection and are to be replaced roughly every 25 years. Contrastingly, Standing seam roofs are warrantied for 50 years and often last far beyond the warranty. John saw this niche in the market for specialized roofs that would last through many snowy Pennsylvania winters and he decided to begin manufacturing and installing standing seam roofs as he became convinced of the amazing benefits behind the process,

Structurally suitable for covering large commercial spaces but aesthetically pleasing enough to complement residential structures, standing seam is revolutionary. Because John owns his own standing seam production facility, he is able to manufacture the material in-house which cuts down on the wait time before installation can begin. Designed to be formatted as panels that link and lock together, this roof contains no exposed screws or other elements that would be subject to wear. Instead, this roof is specifically designed to shift and change with ease during the expansion and contraction that comes with each season. 

Not only are standing seam roofs durable and excellent in all climates, they are high end and high class products that ups the value of the home. Fit to survive for generations to come, the material consists of a galvanized aluminum which does not rust and decay like other metals such as steel. Customers also have 20-25 color choices available to them so that they can make sure the roof fits the style of their home. Along with the color choices also comes options for different accessories for customers to choose from in order to further personalize their home. We at J.T & Son believe that the investment of this roof on your home is well worth the security of keeping your living or workspace safe and dry for decades to come. 

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