About Us

JT & Son Construction was founded in 2012 by Owner John "JT" Minarik of Pittsburgh, PA. John has over 10 years of experience in the roofing, manufacturing, excavation, and remodeling industry, and his business has steadily grown into the multi-million-dollar operation that it is today.

These years of experience have equipped John to obtain the skill and equipment needed to produce his own standing seam roofing panels. This unique capability allows John to offer his customers better lead times and more efficient opportunities for roofing projects. JT and Son specializes in quality craftsmanship and excellent building standards for both residential and commercial construction.

John’s top priority is to build lasting relationships with his customers and to effectively meet their needs through clear communication and hard work.
Family is the most important thing to John, and he believes in transforming your house into a warm and welcoming home. Even throughout the construction process, John’s astute eye for detail and order allows him to attend to each project in a neat and organized manner.

JT & Son Construction is fully licensed, insured and certified in the City of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania.