Seven 2021 Exterior Home Design Trends

If you’re putting time and money into an exterior redesign, we can guess that you probably want it to look updated. While many homeowners desire a trendy curb appearance, they often don’t want the details to fall out of style within the next few years. This takes a delicate balance, but we’re here to show you how. Here’s a list of 10 must-know 2021 exterior home design trends that still possess classic beauty.

#1 Windows, Windows, and More Windows

Bright and airy interiors are in, so it only makes sense that adding extra exterior windows is on-trend too. Going extra on windows can drastically modernize a home! The key when adding new windows is to make sure they match the home’s original architecture. In other words, you want it to look like the home was built that way. If you respect the home’s architecture when adding windows, it will look trendy, yet classic.

#2 White Paint

White paint. Yup. The right color white paint will never go out of style. Whites can be tricky with LRV and undertones, but if you find the right shade that works with your fixed elements, white exterior paint is definitely timeless and classic but also updated. Pairing a beautiful white color with wood accents is hard to top!

#3 Pergolas for the Win

Another 2021 exterior home design trend is adding a pergola. If your home doesn’t already have a large porch, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on sitting outside and waving to your neighbors. A pergola will not only add covering for shade but takes your curb appeal up a notch. Whether it’s a visor-type garage pergola or a modern pergola over a porch, it’s time for you to get one!

#4 Complimentary Garage Doors

Well-made garage doors with architectural details like windows and paneling should be celebrated, not hidden. One way to highlight your garage doors as a design element is to paint them a contrasting color!

#5 Add a Front Porch

Of course, a back porch has its time to shine with grilling and large family dinners; however, gone are the days of a tiny stoop in the front. In 2021, you will continue to notice a shift to the front porch as well. We are noticing that people enjoy lounging on their front porch. It’s an excellent way to see what’s happening and meet new neighbors.

#6 Painting Brick

Painting a house with original brick can be daunting. People say it’s bad for the brick. The bottom line – if you don’t like your brick, it’s safe to paint. Paint has come a long way and with the right brand and application your brick will take on new life with little maintenance. So, if you’re thinking about painting your brick, you’re not the only one looking to do this 2021 exterior home design trend!

#7 Pair it with Wood Accents

In 2021, many homeowners are going to say goodbye to light-colored lament siding and swapping it out for natural or composite wood. Wood accents look beautiful on many types of architecture from farmhouse to contemporary. So, if you’re wanting to try one trend that’s likely here to stay, we recommend finding a place on your home’s exterior to put some wood or composite type for less maintenance. Whether it’s columns, siding, front door, fence, soffits, or garage doors, find a place and embrace the wood trend.

When we are talking to clients about the 2021 exterior home design trends, it’s important to know what you’re planning isn’t going to be out of style within months of finishing your project. We’re always looking for that balance of classic beauty with a modern update.

If you want some help unlocking your home’s potential check out our exterior home design service. We can help you stay on-trend while saving money by avoiding costly mistakes when it comes to your home exterior. We’d love to collaborate with you to create a home you love!

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