Springtime is the BEST time for Brand New Concrete Patio

Springtime is here and summer is right around the corner. Being in the outdoors is the place to be this time of year. Make your new concrete patio your go-to place this season, for all things spring and summer. All you need is a concrete patio or concrete pool to compliment your backyard and your season will be golden.

Just imagine sitting in your very own backyard, under a cool patio umbrella, sipping your favorite sweet tea. The beautiful North Carolina sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you are relaxing in your very own getaway. There is literally nothing better than your very own beautiful new concrete patio, where your kids can play and you can host an awesome summer barbecue! All this is possible with a concrete patio.

Now, with many different material options available to create your patio, you may be wondering what is the best choice for your patio vision and your pocket. The most popular material being used today are both concrete and pavers. So why concrete? Well, I’ll tell you. Below you will find the benefits of installing a concrete patio vs. a paver patio.

Concrete Patios vs. Paver Patios

Style- Concrete is a versatile material. Your new concrete patio can look different than your neighbor’s back yard. Not only can you form concrete to any shape, concrete can also be stained, stamped, engraved, and stenciled. With a concrete patio or pool area, you have the opportunity to let your unique style come through as you design your patio to your liking.

Durability & Maintenance- Concrete is highly durable and is easy to maintain. Concrete can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Paver patios are placed with space between each individual stone. This allows weeds to sprout through and would require more maintenance. Also, since paver patios are placed individually this can result in an uneven patio surface.

Cost- Concrete patios can save you money and also add value to your home. As stated before, concrete patios can be styled in so many different ways. So, instead of spending the extra money on a stone, brick, or other paver patio options, you can easily design your concrete patio to look the same as an expensive piece of stone.

So, what are you waiting for? You deserve a place to relax, have fun, and enjoy the spring and summer seasons ahead. Your new concrete patio is waiting for you to design and enjoy!

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